The Zigzag Principle

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Do I feel that my life or career is “drifting” from one knowledge-base to another? Am I having to learn a whole new set of skills with each entry-level job, because I have not built and pursued one career goal in my lifetime?
Many times I have asked myself those questions! I had believed that my goal of “employment” was enough to pay my way through life and raise my child. I saw others climb the financial ladder and retire either “comfortably” or “wealthy,” and wondered what was wrong with me….
Yet in today’s employment environment we see highly-paid corporate professionals losing their positions and having to start over, acquire new knowledge–new skills–just to gain “employment” which is usually at a lower income level than before. I have read projections that this might happen to the same person two or even three times before their retirement.
So, nothing is wrong with me. I’m good. I was happy doing what I did. I did not acquire tremendous Student Loan debt to pay off. I had evenings, weekends, and holidays off work to be with my son. I was able to plan for my off-work time, and follow through…well, most of the time, anyway.
The point of all this is that today I was talking with a friend who is facing serious problems, and I was able to reach back into a “job” I worked at more than thirty years ago; to give her that bit of myself in hope of supporting her at this time.
I might not have had that knowledge had I spent my life pursuing one goal, single-mindedly, and with an eye on a “golden parachute” retirement.
So, what is most important to me? Is it all finances? No, it never was. What was important to me, and always has been, that I do my best in whatever capacity I was employed. When each job ended, I always found another.
I have experiences like today with my friend. I have a broad knowledge-base to draw upon now. And when I was in those myriad job positions, I learned at least one thing that has helped someone else in later times.
I can see this working for almost anybody. I was told by one employer that he hired me because of my varied background, not in spite of it! He wanted an employee who was not afraid to step out of the box and do something new.
If you are facing the same questions about your own life/career, please lay them to rest. Do your utmost at every task you do, learn everything you can, and you will be glad you did, both at the time in satisfaction over a job well done and later when some info-bit you have acquired comes in handy!
This thought was inspired by my experience today, and my memory of being in the audience at a seminar where Rich Christiansen spoke about his book, The Zigzag Principle: The Goal Setting Strategy that will Revolutionize Your Business and Your Life Rich Christiansen (Author)

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Back To Basics: The Laws Of Thought and How Thinking Moves Your Life

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Picture your confident Mentor standing in front of you, knowing what powerful words she wants to impart to you, to help you understand yourself well enough so that today you get that “ping – AHA!” connection in your brain that allows you the understanding…that allows you to take one more step forward on your path toward the Self and the Life you truly want.

Well, my friends, today that Mentor is not me. I am here before you to tell you that I came from where you are. I have made progress. I have studied and made a decision to find you and teach you what I have learned so that IF YOU CHOOSE, you do not have to remain where you are…where I once was; and that today my “ping – AHA!” moment is to realize that I am not the Mentor I wanted to be at this time in my life. Today, IF YOU CHOOSE to continue learn from me, you have to accept that you are learning from a fully Human Being. One who is not attempting in any way to sell herself to you as a perfected Mentor who knows it all.

I have allowed my own personal struggles and failures, not least of which was my failure to maintain the software of this site until it was no longer working, to interfere with my own learning and growth – which learning and growth is imperative if I am going to be able to offer you anything that might help you. I even had to remove all the former lessons in order for the site to be repaired. My articles on are still available through the link at the left.

I have two (of many) favorite sayings. One is, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life,” and another is, “Do one thing now.” So today (now), I am writing this to you, my dear friends. To say how sorry I am that I have let you down when you may have needed some thought that might have been in my brain that I have failed to share – some thought that my failure to continue to study and learn might have brought to you that might have helped you move another step along your own path.

Today, I am beginning again. And back to basics. We will take the old songs to heart: “Let’s start at the very beginning/A very good place to start/When you read you begin with A-B-C/When you sing you begin with Do-Re-Mi…”{Do-Re-Mi, from the movie The Sound of Music (1959) which is a musical with music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and a book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. It is based on the memoir of Maria von Trapp, THE STORY OF THE TRAPP FAMILY SINGERS}

Also, I shall keep up with my fellow mentors so I can share with you what I learn from them.

Now that we’re started and your Mentor has already given herself an assignment, it is time for your assignment:

The program that profoundly changed my life is based on Leslie Householder’s bestselling novel THE JACKRABBIT FACTOR. For you to understand much of what I teach and why, you need to read this book. The url for the site from where you can download this book at no charge is This will also put you on Leslie’s mailing list for her newsletter, called “47 Tips.” I believe you will enjoy how she uses her own life experiences with her family of seven children and her husband to teach us her own continuing journey of learning and applying The Laws in her own life and in a family setting. When you read what Leslie shares about herself, you will learn that she and her husband Trevan are students of Bob Proctor. Bob is one of the most famous and successful Mentors in the field of Laws of Thought. I, also, have studied some of  Bob’s material and continue my studies, as he has much I wish to learn.

I warn you: this is not the ONLY place I come from. My own life background will tend to come out in what I teach. I use the word “God.” Not as the beginning of a swear word, but as a living Being and Power. For the God-challenged, you may feel free to substitute in your own mind whatever word that makes you comfortable with the situation: Spirit, Universe, Higher Power… I have often said that there are ways to disagree without being disagreeable and we will use those ways here. This is much like a 12-Step meeting; Take what you like and leave the rest.

I will occasionally recommend to you other books I have read that have been beneficial to my own Journey. Some can be downloaded for free. Others cost money. I have no power over this. The decision is up to you.

Today’s discussion concluded, I will have another discussion for you as soon as it is prepared. I can not commit myself to a schedule at this time. I have “monthly” on my events calendar (where I keep track of birthdays, appointments, seminars, travel commitments, etc.) and have all intent of keeping to that. I’m full of surprises, though. It could be more often, it might be six weeks or even two months, occasionally. I’m attempting to have a life myself while I learn, teach, and write.


Jan :) Lambert

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Houston, We Have A Problem…..

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I have become aware of a serious problem that is linked to this website and my email address which is linked to this website. Some extremely dishonest marketers have found a way to use my email address to make it appear that I am sending you their SPAM.

I wish to publicly reassure you that none of this is coming from me. It comes from outside the boundaries of The United States of America where these people are not bound by our laws, nor apparently by our morals. There is no “unsubscribe” mechanism, and “reply” emails telling them to remove oneself from their mailing list are useless, as they are using a “bot” not a server.

I understand that you are fully justified if you just “block” all emails that come from my email address. I truly hope you will not, that you will LOOK at the subject line and realize the difference between SPAM and the kinds of emails I send out.

I admit that there was a short time when I attempted to market a product in this manner to my friends. I am deeply ashamed of my actions. I felt … for lack of a better word … “dirty.” I do not understand how those other people can live with themselves.

We’re Back!

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My heartfelt thanks to Derek Moyes, of San Antonio, Texas, for fixing all my errors and getting me up and running again. You are most valuable, Derek, and most appreciated. Thank You!!!

I have not been idle, I’ve been concentrating on writing my books. I have three very near to being published (Watch this space for the publication dates).

Now that I have my “teaching blog” back, I can get back to another thing I love to do. I have disabled the “comments” widget, because what I get most of is commercial gobbledegook from other people trying to use my site to build backlinks to improve their own standing with Google. I’ll have an email for you shortly.

Thanks for staying with me. I have missed being able to write my monthly tips about how you can put yourself into the path of Prosperity.