We’re Back!

Posted on 13th June 2013 in Uncategorized

My heartfelt thanks to Derek Moyes, of San Antonio, Texas, for fixing all my errors and getting me up and running again. You are most valuable, Derek, and most appreciated. Thank You!!!

I have not been idle, I’ve been concentrating on writing my books. I have three very near to being published (Watch this space for the publication dates).

Now that I have my “teaching blog” back, I can get back to another thing I love to do. I have disabled the “comments” widget, because what I get most of is commercial gobbledegook from other people trying to use my site to build backlinks to improve their own standing with Google. I’ll have an email for you shortly.

Thanks for staying with me. I have missed being able to write my monthly tips about how you can put yourself into the path of Prosperity.

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