Houston, We Have A Problem…..

Posted on 7th October 2013 in Uncategorized

I have become aware of a serious problem that is linked to this website and my email address which is linked to this website. Some extremely dishonest marketers have found a way to use my email address to make it appear that I am sending you their SPAM.

I wish to publicly reassure you that none of this is coming from me. It comes from outside the boundaries of The United States of America where these people are not bound by our laws, nor apparently by our morals. There is no “unsubscribe” mechanism, and “reply” emails telling them to remove oneself from their mailing list are useless, as they are using a “bot” not a server.

I understand that you are fully justified if you just “block” all emails that come from my email address. I truly hope you will not, that you will LOOK at the subject line and realize the difference between SPAM and the kinds of emails I send out.

I admit that there was a short time when I attempted to market a product in this manner to my friends. I am deeply ashamed of my actions. I felt … for lack of a better word … “dirty.” I do not understand how those other people can live with themselves.