Give Yourself Credit For What You Do Well

Posted on 29th December 2014 in Uncategorized

In a contemplative mood after some frantic activity recently, I happened to become absorbed in reading, first, all the articles I had posted on and then from there I followed my link to this page I read my most recent post, then the Archives.

It’s been months since I wrote some of this, years for some other parts of it. And you know what? I still like what I wrote. Oh, if given a chance, I’d go back and fix a little goof here and there, maybe change an article or conjunction, but overall they say what I wanted to say.

Then I asked myself: Why was I writing all this in the first place?

Answer: To find myself in you.

Before I began learning about the Laws of Thought (Law of Attraction), I felt powerless over my world. Things happened to me. Good things; bad things. I felt buffeted by the winds of change, never sure whether the next puff was going to be a blessing or a blow strong enough to knock me flat. I felt like the lost kitten in the dog pound: afraid to leave my prison because then the really big dogs would just tear me apart.

The day came when a sister forwarded to me Leslie Householder’s newsletter. I subscribed so I would get it myself and not have to wait for it to be forwarded to me – or not. I read with fascination everything Leslie wrote. She gave me hope. Then she mentioned her bestselling and award-winning book, THE JACKRABBIT FACTOR: WHY YOU CAN (download from Leslie’s site, a gift from her, I loved those last three words, WHY YOU CAN. All my life people have been telling me that I can’t do this or that, from parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers, employers, coworkers… I had built myself a prison of what I thought was safety from these assaults and promised myself that I would never let them see how hurtful what they said and did was to me. Yet, here was a total stranger telling me, “Why You Can!”

I began reading. I got her Jackrabbit Factor Tidbits series. Then the next series, which was also at no charge – Leslie is extremely generous about helping people without having to see your credit card first! When she told me about her Advanced Course, which is available through her School Of Life Mastery for a small monthly fee or as a hard copy with it all on CD’s for a lump sum, I took the monthly option. I began learning things I had never known existed.

Have you ever wondered how other people know how to handle situations in which you stand by feeling powerless because you don’t know what to do? Have you ever thought that there was a big book somewhere, perhaps entitled, HOW TO HANDLE EVERYTHING, and everybody else has found it and been able to read it but for some reason they have kept the knowledge of its very existence from you? Well, I have. Until I read THE JACKRABBIT FACTOR: WHY YOU CAN.

It hit me, then. I did not know about this because either nobody in my family knew about it, or those that did know kept the knowledge from me. Could it have been out of fear of losing power over the rest of us? You may be familiar with these – the ones who earn more money or who have a more powerful position in the family or in business/community/politics, and who seem to enjoy their “Status” that is higher than yours. And you get the distinct feeling that without those of you who are “Lower” than s/he, his/her satisfaction or self-esteem would not be so great. They must feel elevated above you in order to feel good about themselves. You get the picture.

My vision cleared. I not only saw them, I began to see myself more clearly. I began see my own value.

Then I heard a message inside me. It was as clear as something written on the wall: I’ve GOT to TEACH this!

It took me months to figure out just why I feel compelled to teach this. It is because of the “me” in others. The ones who have been made to feel “less-than” by the ones who are compelled to make them feel that way in order for themselves to feel good about themselves. “…Because no matter how low I feel, they’re lower,” Earl Sinclair, speaking of his family, in the television series, ©DINOSAUERS (still available on

However, where I come from, “…the worth of souls is great in the sight of God;” (Doctrine and Covenants 18:10 (v. 9-11), Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). I want you to feel your worth. I want you to know your value. I want you to look at the things you do well, give yourself credit for them. Get comfortable with this and soon you will  move your mind to: 1. Decide What You Want; 3. Know that there is no obstacle so great that there is not also a way prepared for (you) to succeed; 4. Trust that (you) have all (you) need to get started, and that’s all that matters; then 5. Write It Down. The complete set of steps is better explained in Leslie’s book The 19 Rules of Prosperity Guide (also a complementary download from Leslie at

I wish you all Health, Wealth (Prosperity), and Happiness. Not merely as a New Year’s Resolution. Please don’t wait that long. Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life. Get Crackin’!

© Jan Lambert, 2014

We’re Back!

Posted on 13th June 2013 in Uncategorized

My heartfelt thanks to Derek Moyes, of San Antonio, Texas, for fixing all my errors and getting me up and running again. You are most valuable, Derek, and most appreciated. Thank You!!!

I have not been idle, I’ve been concentrating on writing my books. I have three very near to being published (Watch this space for the publication dates).

Now that I have my “teaching blog” back, I can get back to another thing I love to do. I have disabled the “comments” widget, because what I get most of is commercial gobbledegook from other people trying to use my site to build backlinks to improve their own standing with Google. I’ll have an email for you shortly.

Thanks for staying with me. I have missed being able to write my monthly tips about how you can put yourself into the path of Prosperity.